Food & Drink

We help you match the right chef to your event, palette and budget. 

Novelty Food & Beverages
Offer your guests delicious and unexpected bites and sips. Transform food and beverages to unique and fun with trend-setting specialty plates, tumblers, straws, servers, containers. Elevate your event and make it memorable with any of the following.

Mega Sweets
Traditional candy bar to elaborate sweets station. Choose popular favorites, vintage and trendy candies. Add personalized cookies, cupcakes, and anything else that elicits smiles and excitement. From simple glass containers to decorative containers, personalized signs, tags and bags/boxes.

Milk & Donuts
Vintage bottles, striped straws, topped with fresh mini donut.

Hot Bites
Indulge your guests with a fried station serving mini donuts, mini churros, funnell cakes.

Popcorn Bar
Scoops of fresh, flavorful fun gourmet popcorn, served in personalized boxes, bags or cones.

Frozen Treats
Ice cream, cocktails and sundaes prepared on the spot using liquid nitrogen.

Stuffed Chocolate Bar
Guests make their own candy bar, stuffed with favorite candies.

Decadent Cotton Candy
Cart service full of natural flavors and colors, reinvented with glitter and whimsical accents.

Refreshing Snow Cones
Artisanal flavored, authentic shaved ice, flavored with handcrafted syrups made from fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and flower extracts.

Fruit Cart
Refreshing fruits served from traditional street cart.

Coffee Cart
Stylish and sophisticated cart service offering coffee, cappuccino, espresso, teas and smoothies.

Kids Specialty Drinks
Creative, colorful and tasty concoctions garnished with sweet treats.

And more…
Food Carts
Food Trucks
Sushi Bar
Donut Wall